Software/Application Testing

Software/Application Testing

Software/Application Testing is very important part of our services that we offer you. At Digital Aspirations, we develop strategies for planning, testing, execution and checking for defect analysis and risk planning. The testing includes several stages of development such as-

Client Needs Features Testing – Through this procedure, we expect to authenticate the requirements and features that our client requires is met or not. These are tested for functionality using manual tools.

Functional Testing – In this testing, the validation of software behavior for particular functions are examined. The functions verified are application user interface, Access and security levels, API’s database architecture functionality and application networking and installation package. These tests are done applying auto tools along with manual tools.

Unit & Modular Testing – Several different modules of an application are examined for bugs before being integrated. This ensures that each module is verified for individual functionality as well as compatibility before integration as a whole.

We ensure that our software/application testing services are highly reliable, secure and cost-effective and are executed within the stimulated time frame.